Week Day Menu

(guest choice) 

Available Monday to Friday  noon to 3:00 pm


Insalata di cesare

Romaine lettuce with croutons, parmesan cheese in a Caesar dressing


Insalata di campo

Mix field salad with tomato, carrots in a vinaigrette dressing


Rigatoni alla siciliana 

Rigatoni  pasta with eggplant, ricotta cheese in a fresh tomato sauce



Penne al pomodoro

 Penne  pasta tossed with tomato sauce and basil



Penne al pollo e pesto

 Penne pasta tossed in pesto sauce and chicken 


Passera di Mare   alla livornese 

Sautéed Flounder  in tomato sauce and capers served with broccoli 


Pollo Ai funghi 

Sautéed chicken with mushrooms served with roasted  potatoes


Pollo alla parmigiana 

Pan fried chicken cutlet topped with tomato sauce

and mozzarella served with penne pomodoro





Cannoli or cheese cake or Chocolate Mousse 

Soda, juice coffee and tea included 

$29.95 plus tax and gratuity